Disqualified Directors

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Did you realise that you could be banned from being a company director for at least 2 years and up to a maximum of 15 years, for breaching your duties as a director? And that this could be for just failing to keep good accounts, or making returns to Companies House.

Short of your business going entirely bust, a Directors Disqualification Order is one of the worst things that can happen to a business – in general, a Disqualification Order will prevent you from managing any company in any way – and breaching an order can result in a prison sentence!

If you think you may have a problem with a potential Directors Disqualification Order [and they are surprisingly common – a total of 16,514 directors were disqualified between 2000 and 2013]. In the most recent year for which figures are currently available (2016/17), 1214  director disqualifications were obtained, and the average period of a director’s disqualification was 5.8 years.

The vast majority of disqualification orders are made using section 6 of the Company Directors Disqualification 1986, although Disqualification Orders can also be granted under section 2 of that act following a criminal conviction relating to the company.

Prompt action by our specialist solicitors could make a world of difference to you, your family and your business. So don’t delay. Get in touch with us today.

Disqualified Directors – how we can help you

  • Our solicitors can help you with drafting the right response to any initial correspondence from the Insolvency Service directly, or from their solicitors, prior to the issue of formal proceedings
  • We can give you an initial view as to whether you have a potential defence to a Directors Disqualification Order
  • If there is a possible defence, our team can help you fully prepare your defence and make sure that it is strenuously argued in court
  • If you have no defence, we can advise and help you with negotiating a Disqualification Undertaking on the best possible terms
  • In the event that neither a defence nor a Disqualification Undertaking is available, we can advise you on available mitigation and present your mitigation case in court to reduce the length of any ban
  •  We will advise you on the practical effect of an disqualification

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  •  Our team are Disqualified Directors Order specialists – experienced in this highly complex area of law
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